REZthaPoet Publishes Poetry Chapbook


Spokenword poet, RezthaPoet (Adebola Afolabi), recently published a poetry chapbook titled ‘Beautiful One’. The chapbook draws inspiration from passionate love experiences and the collective memory of a generation.  The digital chapbook is free but open to donations from individuals who will appreciate the craft of writing. ‘Beautiful One’ was published by Beige and Crow, an avant-garde publishing and content management firm in Lagos.




‘Beautiful One’ opens to the reader one of the many sides of REZthapoet, a lover of words who considers poetry as a conduit for interconnected life experiences. In ‘Beautiful One’ his poetry flips from the conversant cultural themes which he often engages to a modern texture that prods identity and existence in a sensual way.

REZthaPoet work, ‘Beautiful One’, is a profound contribution because it engages the subject of the heart with a certain mature ‘journeying’ instead of the expected ballad of teasing eros. In this chapbook, the temperament of a loverboy meeting the philosopher is a rich performance.

Balancing love and sex is a tightrope REZthapoet attempts in this collection but between the migrane of heartbreak and the surge of emotions, he crafts a fluid metaphor and memory, making sex a vehicle for many other themes. Sex simply becomes a backdrop or a pleasant gaze accompanying a musical sequence of philosophy.

Download this chapbook, it is a beautiful one.