Being born in a location different from where his siblings were born was enough of a sign to his mother that this child was going to be different. Yes for those of you who don’t know Julius Agwu was the only one of his mothers’ children that was born at the hospital and from there his journey has been full of so many curves and upheavals and the like.

Born in Choba, Portharcourt, Julius Chinweikpe Agwu was born to a jack-of-all trade father and a farmer cum petty trader mother. The fifth of six children, he describes his ‘pikinhood’ days and states that he had three major pastimes as a pikin which were sleeping, eating, and dancing.  No wonder he was eventually to hit limelight with his music-comedy act.

He goes on in his story and takes us through his parents’ continual struggle to send him to school, how he developed interest in the arts from listening to theatre arts students of the University of Portharcourt and how he eventually managed to study theatre arts at the University. He also reveals to us in this memoir all those people who helped him on his way up, those celebrities who were classmates or ahead of him at the University and seeing these names one would think Nollywood comprises only of Uniport graduates.

Far from painting himself in a blinding light of goodness, he also reveals some of his weaknesses and tries to let people know that he is only human after all.

His’ is the story of the average celebrity/star who was born amidst poverty and who through sheer hard work and hustle eventually made it. And if you’ve ever wondered why he is so short try eating Eba three times daily! That was how poor they were. A cross section of popular names also gave their testimonials about the man Julius Agwu and they revealed more about his character than you could ever learn reading articles about him online.