Action, intrigue, suspense, betrayal, romance, and pain, all in one book. I loathed every minute spent away from finishing this book and even after I finished reading it, I kept going back to better immerse myself with the characters of the story.
Having it’s setting in Danhome Kingdom now Benin Republic, thread of gold beads is a coming to age story of Princess Amelia and the many intricacies that surround a royal family. Amelia is portrayed as a precocious and adventurous teenager, one who didn’t fit into the stereotyped role expected from someone of her sex and social status. In addition to being popular in some quarters she was also the object of much envy and hatred from other quarters. Being the only child of the King’s favourite wife didn’t help matters either.
Alongside all this, Danhome Kingdom was also being threatened by war from its French neighbours. Things eventually came to a head just months after Amelia got married in a delightful romance story and she and her heartthrob had to separate. Her fleeing to Abeokuta with her backstabbing brother, being deceived and wrongfully treated and eventually finding succour in the home of her Aunt all make for an interesting read. The extent to which the human mind can conceive wickedness was also dealt with in this story.
Campbell-Fatoki succeeded in piecing together a beautiful masterpiece in this book. She was able to include a bit of history, folktales, voodoo, and magic together without necessarily being overdramatic. If you’ve ever thought African men are unromantic then you haven’t met the right one. Fatoki disproved this with one of her characters, Dossou.
Being a while a work of fiction touched me as much as this book did. A big thumbs up to the author for a job well done.