I saw a movie some days ago titled ‘Pyaar Impossible’; it’s Indian for Love Impossible or Impossible Love, whichever way. It’s about a young man who was so enamored by a lady he was in the same school with, but this lady never even knew he existed since they were worlds apart. She is a rock star in the University and they just didn’t roll with the same group. Seven years after they finished from the University, this guy came up with a brilliant software application which was stolen from him by another guy, in a bid to get this usurper he had to travel to Singapore and lo and behold he sees this young lady again. She was now a divorced mother and her daughter was always frustrating the nannies that came to look after her. Through some misunderstanding the guy ended up being a nanny to the daughter and he finally got an opportunity to be close to her. As the movie unfolded the lady got to know he had never had a girlfriend and wondered why, he told her it was mainly because of the way he looked/dressed but she didn’t believe it so they had a bet. She was to dress up as nerdish as possible and go hang out at a club, the main thing for her to do was to get just one guy ask for her phone number. This seemed too easy she thought until they got to the club and not even a guy wanted to chat with her not to talk of collecting her number. It was then she realised how hard it must have seemed for the guy, not being recognised simply because of the way he dressed. She finally realised that she loved him and he was the one that rescued her back then at the University, yadda, yadda, yadda.

This story got me thinking; it got me thinking about all those wonderful relationships that we might have had but didn’t because of the external packaging, we thought that guy/lady was not good enough for us because they just didn’t dress right, didn’t wear the latest designer clothes or drive the fastest cars, didn’t speak phonetics, or their English did not just sound right. I wonder about all those people that are married to the wrong person today because the outward appearance was perfect, that was all that mattered. I just wondered that ‘if only’ they knew that that guy with the color riot dressing is the best man they could ever marry, that that lady with the drab appearance is the most wonderful wife they could ever get, I guess they would not have minded what their friends/family would say and would have gone ahead to marry the person. Or if you had not minded that the guy who understood all the courses you don’t understand is the class’ outcast you would probably be amongst the best in your class. But it’s all a matter of the choices we make.